VoIP vs. Digital

VoIP vs. Digital The VoIP system vs. digital key system debate is very intriguing as both platforms have their distinct benefits. We at A&R Telecom, LLC. are convinced that even now, digital key systems, in an overwhelming majority of applications, still offer the best value to small businesses and to the small business reseller as well, which is equally as important.

Benefits of VoIP:
Remote office: The #1 benefit. A unique benefit of VoIP systems is the ability to seamlessly mesh other branch offices communications without the need for “POTS” plain old telephone lines, and long distance charges of course ,the long distance expense benefit of VoIP is quickly evaporating as most carriers now offer unlimited LD with their standard service. In reality over 90% of small businesses are single site applications and renders this # 1 benefit virtually worthless.

Remote Workers: Some small businesses do have remote workers but again this is a very small percentage. Most small business owners who must be touch 24/7 find that their cellphones best meet this need. And, most digital key systems offer as a standard feature” remote call forwarding to a cell phone.

Digital Trunk Integration: Many providers now offer digital lines as an alternative to regular POTS lines. However, in reality, POTS lines remain an excellent value and VoIP still can’t beat the voice quality and reliability of good telephone company lines. Many customers have tried IP trunking and have returned to POTS lines for this reason.

Unified Messaging: This is a big one if you need all of your voicemail messages sent to your e-mail account. Once again, this is not something most small businesses need when a digital phone system can usually send the call to your cell phone or you can remotely call in and retrieve your messages.

System Admin: Combines voice and data admin/programming usually done by the IT Dept. as adds, moves and changes are needed on a daily basis. However, in a small business, this is rarely the case. Once the system is initially set up, changes are not very frequent. The ‘install and walk away’ scenario for the small business system market is as true today as it ever was.

Benefits of a Digital Key System:
Call Processing: Todays Digital Key Systems are loaded with call processing features that have been designed, developed and implemented over many years of experience working directly with customers for their voice needs. A mistake a new VoIP system customer often makes is they assume the new VoIP system will have all the same features of their previous system. VoIP is primarily and simply a new call transport technology, not necessarily a better call center.
External Interface: These can range from simple interface needs like cordless phones, fax lines, paging, door phones and more.

Line Appearances: In the key system market, customers have long preferred to have a direct button access / status for each line.

Buttons: Customers still want their buttons. Key systems generally come with many flexible buttons for Voice Mail Access, Do Not Disturb, Paging , Redial , Speed Dial and many more.

Total Cost of Ownership: There is no avoiding it: despite the claims of VoIP manufactures the best communications value for a small business is still overwhelmingly a Digital Key System. The VoIP systems are beginning to get closer, but in most cases they still have a way to go.

The Reseller: As a system distributor, you can’t resell systems unless you have a reseller network of dealers. The telephony reseller are still convinced for now and the near future, the digital key system is still the best choice for a small business.
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